Anonymous asked: Hey I'm wondering if you will post a picture of Marley in the part of the game were you make yourself because I want to know what she really looks like. LOVE YOU, YOUR RED HAIR AND YOUR ACCOUNT

Like a cas picture? sure..

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Anonymous asked: literally have been refreshing your page for 40 min waiting for that master wcif haha <3

Sorry darling, I’ve only just got home, will post some tonight but rest will be tomorrow :p

Anonymous asked: :Owhat's the point of having a newsea subscription if you could just download them for free from some places or just get retextures?

If everyone thought like that there would be no free links though?

Anonymous asked: From where did you get the cats?

I made Tyrion and idk about Tink, I had her in my bin for as long as I can remember, I just edited her a little.




Anonymous asked: Would you EVER consider putting Astoria up for download? If not, totally fine, she's just a gorgeous girl! <3

Nope sorry, I’m too attached to her.

Thanks to my lovely migraine I only got 3 hours sleep last night so safe enough to say it’s going to be a coffee filled day.

Anonymous asked: What happens when you have a corrupt save :O

You lose it, basically, I managed to find an old save of the Oliver’s though so I only lost the balcony in the end which was really lucky.

Anonymous asked: OMG that looks like a lot. How many WCIF's are you answering in the new master post?!

It is quite a few, 37 roughy so you can see why I’m not doing it tonight :p

Master wcif will have to be tomorrow night/Friday because I’m pooped!

Anonymous asked: If I plop a shirt into TSRW and enable it for maternity, will it actually work or will it look odd in game with my pregnant sim?

I don’t think it’ll work sorry nonny, I’m not sure though?